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In these three years that there band have gone good and bad things, the guys always vowed to be best friends, but for a bad joke or a bad idea, one of the most beautiful friendships are destroyed, it’s very sad to see images of before and now, and see that Louis and Harry, have separated, have reached the point of almost never see them together, it is very sad that a friendship so destroyed and somewhere because of the Directioners, it’s okay to pretend one bromance, because that was a simple game of friends, who became the amusement of many, yet for others it was a more insulting the boys, three years ago today, Louis William Tomlinson Harry Edward Styles met at a singing program, as they had some incredible voices, since there was formed that friendship, that relationship that many wanted and missed the date.

My only wish today is back to see Louis and Harry were together as before, still best friends, making us laugh with his crap, still the best of friends, that’s my only wish I love and miss that friendship: (

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